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We’re Abstract Ventures.

Our team has embarked on the next adventure in crypto: moving rare, abstract stores of value out of the past and onto the blockchain.

The first stop is fine art. Our platform - launching EOY 2022 - will democratize access to premier artwork, starting with one of the most recognizable pop artists of all time. But we’ll deliver more than just access. Ownership will be fundamentally transformed; different from anything you’ve seen off chain.

We’re launching soon and building for the long haul - towards a vision that matters.

A vision in line with a new trajectory for human efficiency.

Interested? We’ll be opening up pre-registration for the platform soon. Subscribe now for updates.


We’re a small, nimble, and experienced team from companies like Apple, Amex, Penn Interactive, and Clearbit.

Painting of Colin Johnson

Colin Johnson

Co-Founder, CEO

Painting of Jeff Kaplan

Jeff Kaplan

Co-Founder, CFO

Painting of Maxwell Goldstein

Maxwell Goldstein

Co-Founder, VP of Partnerships & Blockchain

Painting of David Lumley

David Lumley

Co-Founder, CTO


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